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altlinux, amputation, animal print, asp.net, avid, avoidance, babyshambles, beverly hills, black girls, bone thugs-n-harmony, bryce5, cappuccino, carnatic music, ccs, chinease food, chinon, chroma key, club music, comic books, construction time again, cordelia/angel, costume jewellery, cyprus, daisuke, dali, delicious, dhcp, diane von furstenberg, digidesign, drink, edea, emu for my dear, enigma, escort, falcons, fandom wank, fansubs, fanzines, ffm, final fantasy icons, fiorentina, foamy, foreign exchange, forniphilia, friends, future, georgia tech, girly girls, givenchy, gohou drug, goth clubs, grains, green hair, hail eris!, hair-dye, hamster, harry potter slash, homo erectus, howie dorough, info, jack nickolson, james mcavoy, james phelps, jason behr, jeeves/wooster, jenny schecter, johhny the homicidal maniac, julee cruise, karolina kurkova, knut hamsun, lesbianism, less then jake, livejournal's next top model, lodz, mac os x, majors, making clothes, mars express, masa, men in kilts, mmf, motion city soundtrack, mxpx, nissan skyline, nobuo uematsu, not sleeping, oslo, parakeets, paul bettany, pepe jeans, percussions, pikas, pins, planescape, polaroid, power rangers, ps2, qui-gon jinn, radio, real people, reebok, rst, runaways, sailor v, saxophones, scrapped princess, simcity, sort, starline, stephanie march, stereophonics, steven strait, submissive women, sugarland, sylvester stallone, temple, the bill, the great mouse detective, the jungle book, the strokes, the t, thunderbird, tradskins, transsexuality, trip, vb, water, weapon, wednesday, wil wheaton, yami no bakura